Kim Ward

Kim Ward

Kim’s mission is to help others go beyond their most powerful strength and tap into the energy just beyond this which makes it possible to overcome any adversity.

My favorite quote is “Champions get up even when they can’t.”

I’m a seeker… I’ve spent years seeking out and interviewing champions from all walks of life – thought leaders, business leaders, celebrities and every-day-folk – people hailed by others as hero’s and who usually just hold themselves as grateful survivors.

Survivors intrigue me – I have an insatiable passion to learn from them and share what they’ve discovered, first hand, with our listeners… enabling us all to identify with the survivors experiences and to find our own inner strength so that if we choose to, we can all live the lives that we were born to live.

Nowadays I spend most of my time either:

  • Co-hosting this radio show: Exploring all things survival and the concept of living our lives fully. I am also the host of Chattin’ in Manhattan and Author Spotlight.
  • Writing: I’ve had two books published.
  • Running a business: I’m the CEO of Chattin Media.

I live in Wisconsin with my husband and two children… and life is good!