Captain Lee Mandel – Moryak

Tonight on Author Spotlight Show we are excited to talk to Captain Lee Mandel about his book Moryak- a novel of the MoryakRussian revolution. Captain Lee is a Naval Officer, Physician, Historian and Writer and tonight we will dive into his historical novel and learn why history can be so fascinating. Tune in as we go under the cover of the highly rated Moryak.

President Theodore Roosevelt learns that it is the intention of Russian Tsar Nicholas II to sabotage the Portsmouth Peace Conference in 1905. In response, he sends Lieutenant Stephen Morrison on a top secret mission with British agent Sidney Reilly to kidnap the Tsar and remove him from Russia. Morrison appears to be the ideal man for the mission as he was born in Russia, is fluent in the language and is knowledgeable in Russian political affairs.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

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