Inspiration Deficit Disorder: The No-Pill Prescription to End High Stress

Join Jonathan Ellerby for a journey into a world more amazing than you can imagine—a place of unlimited power, potential, and peace: your inspired self.

Envision your health, your relationships, and your work . . . all fueled by a sense of vitality and freedom. In this practical, easy-to-read book, you’ll learn simple steps that have already helped thousands of people from all walks of life discover the incredible energy and daily peace they were born to experience. It’s not about giving you other people’s answers; it’s about helping you find your own, and having the tools to put them into action. Learn why an inspired life is critical to your health and happiness.

The shocking truth is that the majority of challenges people face today—relating to high stress, weight gain, dating and divorce, job dissatisfaction, fear, anger, depression, addiction, and loneliness—are all just symptoms of a single underlying problem: Inspiration Deficit Disorder. This common condition is the result of being disconnected from one’s natural wisdom, talent, and sense of what matters most. As you read the material within these pages, you’ll see that you can correct this imbalance faster than you think. Inspiration is a choice!

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  1. Smart, insightful and a great read! I became a fan of Jonathan Ellerby when I first heard him speak at Canyon Ranch, where he oversees their spiritual program. This book provides great ideas and directions about how to find inspiration, motivation and fulfillment in out lives. The great thing abut Ellerby’s writing style, is that he is very engaging but is also able to talk about complex ideas in a very easily understandable. non-judgmental way. This is actually an easier read than his last book, “Return to the Sacred”, and I’d recommend it highly to anyone who is looking for answers to tough questions or struggling to find meaning diring a very difficult time in our history.

  2. Inspiring, relatable and absolutely life-changing! I’ve never been especially open to self-help books in the past…but like so many people today, I’ve been really struggling to find my way. A friend recently turned me on to Jonathan Ellerby and as soon as I read the title of this book–I knew I’d found what I was looking for. Jonathan takes subjects that I think a lot of people would otherwise be intimidated by and he makes them SO relatable. These concepts are so easy to apply to your every day life and in the short week since I’ve finished the book, I’ve really found that my day to day life and relationships are greatly enhanced.I honestly can’t say enough good about Dr. Ellerby and this book. Pick it up–and I promise you won’t be disappointed!

  3. Out of the box and simple path for a healthier way of life I was most impressed by this book. Ellerby gives a simple, straightforward way to create greater health, happiness, and aliveness in your daily life. It is something anyone can follow and a way to cut out years of psychotherapy. I am recommending this book to the people in my life; it is a gift.

    Batsheva Steinbeck

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