How to Live on 24 Hours a Day

This classic personal time-management book originally published in 1908 has inspired generations of men and women to live deliberate lives. Not just another collection of timesaving tips, this book is more of a challenge to leave behind mundane everyday concerns, focus on pursuing one’s true desires, and live the fullest possible life. Reflection, concentration, and study techniques make it easier to accomplish more truly rewarding undertakings than anyone ever dreamed possible.

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  1. Time, our most precious commodity, is yours to cherish It is hard to imagine that this little book could be so persuasive. I consider it a classic, and an early precusor to many others that have attempted to demonstrate how time is our own and ours to manage and expand our boundaries of our selves. In the thirty minutes it takes to read, you will be left forever vigilant, and will never sit idle, unless you consciously choose to sit idle, while you ride a train, wait for plane, or drive home from what once may have been a routine. Read it, study it, and live again. (Frank DiScala Jr.
  2. A timless self-help book that can work for everyone. Though it was written 90 years ago, “How To Live” addresses the inadequacies, frustrations, disappointments of people today in all walks of life and it does so with humor and wisdom. A daily dose of “How To Live” is at least as nourishing for the brain and soul as a multi-vitamin for the body. Arnold Bennett created a classic of its kind, a self-help book that really helps.

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