Neal Asbury Conscientious Equity

Made in America Radio Host talks about SAVING American jobs and how he was inspired by poverty to do so!Conscientious_Equity

Tonight on Author Spotlight we welcome world renowned entrepreneur, radio personality, and author, Neal Asbury. Neal is the host of the syndicated show Made in America and he is here tonight to go beyond the cover of his book Conscientious Equity– to reveal insights into the future of America, and the true entrepreneur spirit.

“Conscientious Equity: An American Entrepreneur’s Solution to the World’s Greatest Problems” is about the power for positive change in a world driven by commerce and free enterprise. We must look past worn-out political ideologies to find solutions to the destabilizing issues that plague our planet-crippling corruption, poverty, and environmental plunder. But in a larger sense, “Conscientious Equity” is about awareness, understanding, and action. Too often we are consumed by the happenings within our microenvironment and become blind to our roles and responsibilities in a global setting. Through “Conscientious Equity,” I address the consequences of the United State’s unbalanced approach to trade and how that adversely impacts millions of citizens everywhere.

Sun, July 29, 2012

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