A Year of Living Consciously

Embrace Each Day
We all want to live authentic, self-aware, and successful lives. How do we go about it? Where do we begin? In a daily map full of wisdom, inspirational quotes, and transformational exercises, bestselling author and psychotherapist Gay Hendricks sets us on a fantastic journey to personal and relationship success.

In bite-size portions, Hendricks encourages understanding, self-awareness, and honesty-all vital elements in a conscious life. A Year of Living Consciously teaches us to relish the journey that results in greater self-esteem and emotional literacy, achievements that can only come from leading an examined life. Quotes from historical and literary figures reinforce the timeless importance of honesty and self-knowledge. By helping us see, comprehend, and ultimately embrace the secrets we often hide from ourselves. A Year of Living Consciously brings us into accord to create clearer understanding, genuine change, and self-realization.

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  1. Skip the Corkscrew, Buy this Book! It was pretty much an accident that I read this book at all. Now I’m recommending it, enthusiastically. I bought it as a last-minute Christmas stocking-stuffer for a friend who has always liked Hendricks’ work. Then I flipped it open, as people will do, and found it very compelling — nicely written, relevant, insightful, and helpful. So I gave my friend a fancy corkscrew instead, and I kept the book. I suppose it could transform one’s life, which would make it the world’s greatest bargain; for now, I can say that it has enriched and improved mine — which is still a heck of a good deal, for the price of a fancy corkscrew.

  2. Fine Work This book encourages you to look at yourself each day. I used the book in conjunction with the book An Encounter With a Prophet which worked wonders for me.


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