60 Minutes To Motivation: Live Your Dreams and Lead A Powerful Life (The Boundless Growth Series)

Motivate Yourself in 60 Minutes Or LESS

Short, Sweet and to the point. “60 Minutes to Motivation” is PACKED with motivational content that will leave you engaged, excited, and enlivened.
This workbook for motivation is designed for easy application, quick implementation, and immediate results.

No More Long Dialogues on One Topic

Each page is written with intention; you will no longer have to waste precious time reading drawn out dialogues on one topic. We have trimmed out the fluff and left you with a bold, powerful message of being and becoming who you’re meant to be in this motivation workbook.

Actual Tips That Will Enable You to Live Your Dreams

Tips you can immediately implement and use on a daily basis including:

1. Effective Goal Setting
2. Eight Quick Hints on Motivation & Positive Thinking
3. Six Great Tips on Unlocking the Key To Happiness
4. Three Relaxation Techniques for Stress Relief
5. Four Tips on Active Listening
6. The Four Core Requirements on How to Be Successful

Get Answers to Six Important Questions

What Are The Effects of Stress, and What Are Some Relaxation Techniques?

How Can I Be Happy Again, and what is the Key to Happiness?

How to Be Successful and what are the keys to Success?

Why Am I Here, and How Can I Live My Dreams?

How important is positive thinking, and how can I Think More Positively?

Take Control of Your Life

I will transform your view of your past mistakes, current circumstances and future endeavors. Together we will put you back in control of your life by making monumental shifts in your day to day attitudes and choices.

Change Your Perspective

Learn the simple key to happiness and success. I will offer you an alternative look at our world and your experiences. By viewing your life through different perspectives you will find an increase in optimism and a new found excitement towards your circumstances.

Develop a Vision

This motivational workbook offers multiple visual aids to illustrate concepts; along with exercises designed to encourage and instill vision within you. For example: How to be an entrepreneur by not letting fear of failure force you into inaction.

When You Ask Better Questions You Will Get Better Answers

We have inserted over sixty thought provoking questions designed to increase your conviction in your dreams and aspirations. The more time you spend developing your goals, the more likely you are to commit to them.

It’s $4.99

This isn’t a life changing decision, it’s a simple one. For the price of a Grande Starbucks coffee, one gallon of gas (for some of you) or a gallon of milk you can have me motivating you for an hour. This won’t be a purchase you’ll regret.

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Thank You for Your Time,

Ronald Petruska

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  1. My Review of “60 Minutes To Motivation: Live Your Dreams and Lead A Powerful Life (The Boundless Growth Series) [Kindle Edition] I came across this 60 Minutes To Motivation: Live Your Dreams and Lead A Powerful Life, and I decided to read it in hopes that it would help me. I feel this is a very competitive world so I welcome all of the help I can get.I read this ebook and it was well written very easy reading. I liked it very much. I think it is very important to be motivated because if one isn’t motivated it is very easy to become discouraged and experience failure because of it. I know I have done this a few times.This ebook has caused me to reflect on some of my past projects and I now see how I could have had better results had I been more motivated and put more effort into the project.This ebook is short and I plan to reread it periodically to improve my motivation. I highly recommend this ebook.

  2. Inspiring Such a true testament that simplicity is everything. This book was short and to the point, but didn’t lack inspiration and conviction. I loved it and I’ll live by it!


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