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Donald R. Schmitt – Witness to Roswell

Kim Ward and Garth Sandiford welcome Donald R. Schmitt author of Witness to Roswell to CIM to talk Witness To Roswellabout his recent book. Tonight we have an amazing, interesting show. e is the worlds leading investigator on the Roswell crash and he has interviewed first hand witnesses to the crash. What you hear tonight might SHOCK you!

Donald Schmitt has been interviewed frequently on TV, radio, and in print, including Oprah, Paul Harvey, CBS 48 Hours, Disney Channel, Sci-Fi Channel, BBC, Learning Channel, Today Show, NBC, ABC News, CBS Morning News, AP, UPI, CNN News, Sonja Live, Jim Bohannen, Morton Downey Jr., TIME, Wall Street Journal, Popular Science, OMNI Magazine, the Travel Channel, and the Learning Channel.

We are excited to have him join us, for an action pack and informative show.

October 19th 2011